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BIRTHDAY 360 Laser CO2 Treatment 二氧激光护理


The technology utilises laser energy micro beams to penetrate and break down skin tissue through the epidermis. Your body will naturally heal and during the process, creates new, healthy tissue to replace the affected areas that have undergone treatment. Scars should be of a lighter colour gradually and your skin texture will be more even.Depending on your skin, additional treatments are spaced 1-4 weeks apart for a total of 4-5 treatments. Over the next few months, further collagen remodelling , tissue resurfacing and some skin tightening will help to maintain your acne-free complexion.

该技术利用激光能量微束穿过表皮穿透并分解皮肤组织。 您的身体会自然愈合,并且在此过程中会产生新的健康组织,以替换经过治疗的患处。 疤痕的颜色应逐渐变浅,皮肤纹理将更加均匀。根据皮肤的不同,其他治疗间隔1-4周,总共进行4-5次治疗。 在接下来的几个月中,进一步的胶原蛋白重塑,组织表面重塑和一些皮肤紧绷将有助于维持无粉刺的肤色。

BIRTHDAY 360 Laser CO2 Treatment 二氧激光护理

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