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VALLBALL Face Oil Remover


面部卸油液中的火山石球可去除面部油脂和异物,留下干净柔软的皮肤。 去除面部油脂时不会影响化妆,这是现有吸油纸的缺点。 火山石球去除油脂和异物,帮助彩妆吸收。这是一款通过皮肤刺激测试以及抗菌、除臭、远红外线发射和成分检查的可靠产品。

The volcanic stone ball in the Face Oil Remover removes oil and foreign substances from the face and leaves behind clean and soft skin. Makeup doesn’t get disturbed when removing face oil, which was the disadvantage of existing oil blotting sheets. The volcanic stone ball removes oil and foreign substances to help with makeup absorption.This is a reliable product that has passed the skin irritation test, as well as antibacterial, deodorization, far infrared emission, and ingredient inspections.

VALLBALL Face Oil Remover

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